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Our guest this week is bridge and backgammon expert Kit Woolsey. We talk about his recent book The Backgammon Encyclopedia Volume 2 as well as some of his stories from years of playing bridge and backgammon at the highest levels.

May 13, 2018 ... Las Vegas discussion forum - Noted AP Richard Munchkin to make an appearance, page 1. Blackjack Forum Professional Gambling Library Arnold Snyder's Professional Gambling Library contains over 200 articles by and about ... Calculating the Blackjack House Edge for Any Number of Decks and .... The MIT Blackjack Team: Interview with Johnny C. By Richard W. Munchkin Interview with Blackjack Hole-Card Player RC - Blackjack Forum In this Blackjack Forum interview, a professional gambler describes playing winning hole-card blackjack ... By Richard W. Munchkin ... If a blackjack player knows the dealer's hole card his edge with perfect play is 13.06% according to Beyond ...

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Richard Munchkin Blackjack Interview - High Roller Radio Richard W. Munchkin Interview. Blackjack Hall of Fame, Gambling with an Edge & Gambling Wizards. Full Audio of this Q&A HERE. It’s not often you put out an interview request to a Blackjack Hall of Famer and minutes later you’re chatting with him. Richard W. Munchkin - Home | Facebook Richard W. Munchkin. 268 likes · 3 talking about this. RWM is the author of Gambling Wizards, and blogs at

“Gambling With An Edge” is a unique cyber-hub where some of most-respected minds in professional gambling collectively share their expertise, advanced-strategy tips, insights, and opinions via the GWAE “SuperBlog” and weekly GWAE radio show.

Richard W. Munchkin: June 2017 Yuk, and Charles are advantage players that play both tables games, and machines. In this episode we focus on machine play. Richard W. Munchkin: November 2017

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Gambling With an Edge - Our guest this week is Mike Shackleford of the Wizard of Odds, and Wizard of Vegas websites. Mike is a former cohost of Gambling With an Edge, and his websites are the number one resource when people need information about casino games. This week we talk about a huge score made recently in Atlantic City playing a slot machine called Ocean Magic. 025: Richard Munchkin – Advantage Player, Gambling with and Edge Richard Munchkin is an advantage player known for his success at backgammon and blackjack. He also co-hosts a podcast with Bob Dancer called Gambling with and Edge. Richard will share his early years of gambling, how he got into blackjack, his early sticking points, and how he feels about advantage play in today’s casinos. Guest: @RWM21